Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Wonderfull story of the happy "white" marriage

When Internet arrived to our homes in the 2000's, we didn't expected that it would change our lives forever, more then Radio or Television, Internet is definitely the most important invention in humanity's contemporary history. accessibility of content and interactivity probably are the factors that  changed our conception of relationships and sexuality. who imagined that this "white man" invention will became the reason of his biggest decay. what we use to call "mainstream media" are all now fed by INTERNET, shared by INTERNET and powered by INTERNET : Music, films, papers and of course ideas, concepts and lifestyles are over-exposed  by the web. every time you open a web page, you open a million of possibilities that can affect your little boring life forever.

let me tell you a story, a story of a regular white man, married to a beautiful white wife,  they have a house with kids and a dog, both have jobs, they  have everything that can make them happy.
one day after taking his kids to school, the hubby take  some time to check his emails, then a pop-up page opened, what is that? a interracial porn website with 3 Well hung Black men completely filling  all the holes of a gorgeous white women that looks exactly like his wife "Jenny" , those big black dongs  are lokking disgusting and huge exploding the white women's pink pussy, but..for some reason she seems like in it! he knows its a porn, but she really seems to like being black-filled like a whore and for some reason, his tiny cock start to grow up, he don't understand , he is revolted by it! being turned own by those 3 Hung Black Men fucking "Jenny's Clone". few seconds later he start wanking his dicky and cum over his work pants..shit that was good..

few months later, his wife surprised him wanking over Interracial Porn, instead of fucking her, she is also confused and revolted! why watching porn when you have a hot wife at home?  so she started to look at his browser history : Big black cocks porn, black gang bang, white wife cuckold..cuckold ? really ? he is really turned by this ? why? ..then she click on one video, an amateur porn tape where  a white wife is taking 3 Black guys in a trashy motel room..the hubby is shooting and wanking his dicky, while the wife is enjoying those huge black dongs in her holes.."Gosh they are huge" Jenny thinks to her self...

another few months later, "Frank" and "Jenny" decide to have a conversation and a Black Dildo! that night he didn't touch her with his white tiny dick..and it was surprisingly the best sex they ever had!

-  " maybe we can try new stuff..what do you think about it" "Frank" says

-"like what" ?

-" I don't know, do something like in the Video we saw yesterday"

-" what? the Cuckolding thing? with a Black stranger? says "Jenny"

-"yeah..or maybe more then a 1 Black guy.."

both looks at each other's eyes, then start kissing,  Jenny was suddenly wet and Frank have an erection again..didn't happened to them for ages. Frank started to look on the INTERNET again, the same INTERNET that he discovered the wonderful world of Interracial Porn, and he is about to find out that Interracial is also a lifestyle, that he and Jenny are not the only white couple that decide to discover a new side of their sexuality  thorough Cuckolding, they found out that this huge community is real, growing fast and have one thing in commune, one single thing that changed the lives of thousands of couples: Big Black Cocks.

They start looking and finally  Met a Handsome, tall Dark  Guy that gave Jenny he Fuck of her life, Frank was in heaven, still don't know how and why he had such a powerful moment even without fucking his wife, just watching his gorgeous Jenny taking her Black Lover's 9 Inches Cock deep inside her every single hole, creaming on him, screaming and having orgasm after orgasm..something that he never succeed to reach during their 10 years of marriage. it was hard to accept it, but ridiculous comparing to the infinite pleasure that this experience offered to him. Jenny knew finally what she was missing in her life, and understanding why people use to say " Once you go Black, you never go Back"

After some time and  dozen gang bangs, Mandingo parties..Frank felt like they have to go to another level, a new step in their new lifestyle experiment, he was fascinated by the Power of Black Cock, so one day  while his wife was shared by a Group of a Black strangers, he get close to her, took his hand and whispers something in her ears, she stopped, and look to him, and then said "Yes"  Frank went to their room and come back completely dressed as a Girl, he have prepared everything, wig, make up and sexy outfit, he came and took position near his wife on the Bed, both were in the same position, offering their asses to those Big Black Boys...2 Black Bulls came, grabs their asses and start to Fuck them both, Frank took his first Big Black Cock deep in his "boipussy" and finally understood what it feels to be Blacked, why all those white girls are going Black, why all people are worshiping Black Men..he understand that his life just got a sens, he knows his place now, he,  Jenny  and all White people are Born to serve, worship those Superior Black living-Gods.

while a million thoughts and sensations comes through his body and mind, he looks to Jenny taking another Black Cock deep in her Pussy..she looks back at him and  take his hand..both smiles, smiles like never before.

Queen Paris

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

INTERVIEW: Me, 22 years old Straight Black Man, just had my First CD and i liked it"

More Superior Black Men are tempted by a Cd/TV experience, and we can easily know why : they are gorgeous, sexy, feminin and very devoted to Black Cocks, i had the chance to talk with this gorgeous young Black guy that confess about his attraction towards crossdressers and tv's..enjoy our conversation!


Intro/ Q1: Dear Hot Black daddy ( yeah i decided to call you like this) , i'm really happy and honored to welcome you to my blog, can you introduce your self

Hello Paris, I'm doing well. You can call me by my fetlife name Ultra V or you can simply call me "Bill". 

Q2: first time ever with a white girl ?

My first time with a white girl was during my time in college when I was 19 years old. There was this girl in school who i knew through a guy. Me and him were not exactly friends more like acquaintances to one another. She kept trying to talk to me and I found it to be a bit surprising because I really made no attempts to speak to her. One day after I was pouring sweat coming out of my weight lifting class she wanted to give me a big ol' hug. I found that to be a pretty good sign she liked me considering how sweaty i was at the time. Eventually I went ahead and gave her what she wanted. It was a great fling we had and eventually turned into a relationship that lasted a few years.
Q3: why  girls, wives and hubbies are so crazy about Black men and BBC ?

I believe that people are so entranced by BBC or black men because of the mystery behind it. There are tons of rumors and I think most people especially whites are discouraged from mingling with black men when they are younger. We become that mystery flavor that everyone wants to try. There is definitely a perceived power and dominance that others have when it comes to black people and of course the expectation of a larger than life penis. This can be tracked to slavery when whites were in awe of the genitalia of black men. We come off as powerful and strong and I think in sex most women and sissies want to be dominated. 
Q4:  you are 22 years old , been with girls and one day you decided to try a CD/TV ..can you tell us how this happened?

Well I can say it started about the time I was 17 or so. I kept watching pornography online and I honestly at first found "shemale" pornography to be absolutely appalling. Over time that shock turned into curiosity and eventually somehow found its way to attraction. As I got deeper and deeper into it I realized that i was attracted to feminine features. It only took a person to appear woman-like for me to have that attraction. Eventually i developed a preference for more natural looks instead of the obvious plastic surgery you see in most "Shemale porn". At that point i got into looking at traps/crossdressers. Eventually my curiosity was too powerful to ignore and i decided I would try it out or forever hold my peace haha. 

Q5: how was your first CD experience?

My first CD experience went rather well and I have to admit I was extremely nervous about it. I had an expectation that it would be some sort of big step in the evolution of my sexuality and I might feel odd about it later because despite my attraction to CD's I have never considered myself bi-sexual. Again that is going back to the fact that i'm attracted to feminine features and not masculine ones. I arrived at the home of the CD and I waited outside until the gurl was ready and came in and had a bit of wine and conversation. She was decent looking and semi-passable. I did a lot of things sort of figuring out what I did and did not like to do. One thing that holds true is I do not like having my ass played with. This CD tried but I quickly put an end to that. I really enjoyed the feeling of fucking an ass though. I love anal sex and knowing I would get nothing but anal is a really big bonus for me. That is a large factor in what drove my attraction to CD's. At the end of it all she sucked me off and I came inside of her mouth. Not a bad ending to a new experience.

Q6: based on your last experience, how can you explain the difference between girls and CDs?

I would say the biggest difference I notice between CD's and girls is there response to penetration and oral. In my experience with women they are much easier to read and they directly receive pleasure from penetration and do not require (although sometimes prefer) you to manually stimulate with your hands as well. This CD did enjoy the anal sex but I can tell that the same moves if used on a women would leave her in a euphoric state. But I think this is mostly due to my inexperience with sex with CD's. It was simply the first time and I was using movements that work great on women but maybe less so for a CD. At the end of the day even though I am dominant I base how great the sex was off of how well i perform. I'm really a pleasurer so the more you squeal the more excited I get. One noticeable difference is that CD's enjoy getting you the pleasure more than most women. Most women cannot concentrate on that when you bring them into orgasm and I never stop at one or two orgasms with women. My goal is usually to get somewhere around five or so. CD's on the other hand seem preoccupied with making me cum which isn't bad just a change of pace. 
Q7: do you think you will go further with this curiosity ?

Yes I do think I will take my curiosity even further. I enjoyed the experience although it could have been better. I didn't feel weird afterwards and was happy that I got laid that night. I am looking for more passable and better CDs going forward until I find the one that I really click with. 
Q8: what do you think about all this fascination about BBC and Black Men, about those white bois loosing their wives, manhood to be sluts for Blacks?

I must say the obsession that I see for Black men by white bois is something that I did not expect. Even before I professed my attraction to CDs on numerous websites the majority of messages sent to me were from white men who wanted me to have sex with their wives or wanted to serve me as a sissy slut. I don't really mind it. Everyone has their own thing and if I benefit from it have at it. 
Q9: what you can say to Black Guys that are curious into CD/TV and never tried ?

For any other black man that is curious I would say just go out and try it. Be bold about it and just thrust yourself into the situation when you find one that is attractive to you. You won't regret it and you wont get any weird feelings afterwards. I know a lot of us are afraid of that stigma of being a homosexual and think we'll feel guilty afterwards but you won't. And labelling sexuality in general is more harmful than good. I don't think in terms of homosexual, heterosexual, and bisexual. You like what you like. For me I like feminine things that can be CD's or women. To me that isn't gay at all it is simply having an attraction to feminine qualities.

Q10: do you believe that Black Men are sexually superior ?

What I will say is that we tend to have more rhythm and body control. I tell everyone "how can you be good at sex if you can't dance". We also have a different mentality when it comes to having sex. I feel that we are more confident and If white guys out there want to compete they are going to have to show that same level of confidence. With that said I cannot speak for other black men but I will say in my case I am a sexually superior individual. 

VIDEO: Amateur British White slut Raw Blacking : "thats' how those white sluts like it"

You , white hubby with your little pathetic tool that you can use only to pee, yeah you reading my blog because you know that you are  worthless to properly satisfy your white wife, that she is probably dreaming about big black cocks streaching her every hole deep and raw, or maybe she is already doing it,
this video is for you, to fuck your mind again with real images of white wives going black, and being fucked like you can't fuck them, by real MEN, Black Men. enjoy!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO French Actress and Singer Charlotte Gainsbourg Double Blacked

Hi Bitches, im very happy to sher with you this amazing news about French Actress Charlotte Gainsbourg who started in last lars von Trier controversial film "Nymphomaniac"  where she plays the role of "Joe" a nymphomaniac always looking for news sensations,  in this clip from the fimm, you will see one of the hottest scenes featuring 2 black studs teaming to destroy Charlotte pussy! and no its not acting, its fucking porn, Charlotte took really those 2 gorgeous BBc's, people now use to call her Oreo ;)
another good news that Interracial lifestyle is going mainstream, and the film is a very good way to reach more people;) enjoy

Sunday, December 14, 2014

VIDEO : Big Phat Asses are made for BIG BLACK COCKS..just accept it!

Hello bitches, i know you just read the title, and you probably already start taking of your pents, and releasing your little white pee wee for a little morning wank, yeah you should because that's the only thing you can do, when you have little tools that you call "dicks" dicks..yeah sure why not lol, 
now, some of you are asking "why this is the only thing we can do?" and i'll ask you another question :

"can you handle such a big booty with your -5inches dick ?.. can you?"

you know the answer, NO, NO you can't because your so called "dick" can't satisfy such a butt, can't handle such a wight, im sorry..but its just the truth and you kow that, the luckiest of you may be already tried, what was the reaction of the girl ? probably too nice to tell you: "babe you are too little to make me cum" or " babe, forgot about it, just lick my pussy"

you still dont agree, well just watch this video and find out why Black Men are worthy to fuck your white girl friends, wives big phat butts.. well just because they have the right tool for it, a big hard, real Men's COCK.

Queen Paris

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Bitches suppp?
Big black cocks are the best thing in the world and more and people are into that shit! let me share with you a hot video made by a BBC fan..obviously a white boi ;) that made a best of all the hottest big black cocks videos that you can found all over the web, the result ? 8 minutes of pure pleasure, adoration for those mighty black dongz...enjoy!

Queen Paris

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Video BBC Breading a white ass

Hello bitches sup?? here is an another hot amateur video coming this time from the US, with this amazing proof of Black Supremacy, white bitches see what happend if you ever cross the way of a Superior Black Man, he will fucking destry your white ass and turns it into a real Pussy! enjoy and wanke!