Wednesday, December 17, 2014

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO French Actress and Singer Charlotte Gainsbourg Double Blacked

Hi Bitches, im very happy to sher with you this amazing news about French Actress Charlotte Gainsbourg who started in last lars von Trier controversial film "Nymphomaniac"  where she plays the role of "Joe" a nymphomaniac always looking for news sensations,  in this clip from the fimm, you will see one of the hottest scenes featuring 2 black studs teaming to destroy Charlotte pussy! and no its not acting, its fucking porn, Charlotte took really those 2 gorgeous BBc's, people now use to call her Oreo ;)
another good news that Interracial lifestyle is going mainstream, and the film is a very good way to reach more people;) enjoy

Sunday, December 14, 2014

VIDEO : Big Phat Asses are made for BIG BLACK COCKS..just accept it!

Hello bitches, i know you just read the title, and you probably already start taking of your pents, and releasing your little white pee wee for a little morning wank, yeah you should because that's the only thing you can do, when you have little tools that you call "dicks" dicks..yeah sure why not lol, 
now, some of you are asking "why this is the only thing we can do?" and i'll ask you another question :

"can you handle such a big booty with your -5inches dick ?.. can you?"

you know the answer, NO, NO you can't because your so called "dick" can't satisfy such a butt, can't handle such a wight, im sorry..but its just the truth and you kow that, the luckiest of you may be already tried, what was the reaction of the girl ? probably too nice to tell you: "babe you are too little to make me cum" or " babe, forgot about it, just lick my pussy"

you still dont agree, well just watch this video and find out why Black Men are worthy to fuck your white girl friends, wives big phat butts.. well just because they have the right tool for it, a big hard, real Men's COCK.

Queen Paris

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Bitches suppp?
Big black cocks are the best thing in the world and more and people are into that shit! let me share with you a hot video made by a BBC fan..obviously a white boi ;) that made a best of all the hottest big black cocks videos that you can found all over the web, the result ? 8 minutes of pure pleasure, adoration for those mighty black dongz...enjoy!

Queen Paris

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Video BBC Breading a white ass

Hello bitches sup?? here is an another hot amateur video coming this time from the US, with this amazing proof of Black Supremacy, white bitches see what happend if you ever cross the way of a Superior Black Man, he will fucking destry your white ass and turns it into a real Pussy! enjoy and wanke!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Letter from a 22 years old Fan :" thanks to your blog, i've lost my sissy virginity for a Black Man"

Hi bitches, i wanted to share with you this amazing letter from a 22 years fan from new jersy who discovred my blog lately and with it the world of big black cocks and black supremacy, this little smart white boi knew then what would be his destiny and why he is in this world, i'm really glad that all the work im doing on this blog and all over the internet is actually for something, i'm happy that is  helping more and more bois joining us in this amazing and wonderful world of white submission to those amazing Superior Black men. thank you and good luck to everyone who is on his way to joining us.

Queen Paris

Queen Paris,
I am a 22 year old submissive white boy in the US (New Jersey) who has been reading your blog since the summer, and I wanted to say that in September, I decided to go forward with meeting a black man. I lost my sissy virginity to him, and I can honestly say that it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I'm not sure if I could have done it if it weren't for the existence of your blog - I was curious, but the posts online convinced me to submit.
I am seeing another superior black man tomorrow night, and am officially on my way to becoming a good little sissy boi (I am on a diet, have purchased a plug, will be buying a wig, etc). When I have more experience, I'd love to be featured on your blog some day. But for now, all I can say is thank you - Thank you so much.
-Sub Cody

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Interview : SissyMollyCD, 25 yo Bimbo TV : "came just feeling my First BBC hot load hit my face. i was hooked"

Tvs, Cd's are the future of white bois, ive already told you, more i'm exploring the internet and more i found that more and more bois are getting dressed, sexy and feminin because they are aware of their condition as an inferior sub "males" comparing to Superior Black Men, those enlighted sisters understood everything about the new black order and what are their places in this new ear, Molly is one of them, she is a very attractive blonde CD completly addicted to BBC worship and she will tell us more about her life, check this interview out!

Paris : Hi babe, welcome to my Blog, can you please give my readers a quick introduction about you?
Molly: Hi, im SissyMollyCD in live in NY and i'am 25 yo slutty Blonde Busty Bimbo Sissy slut ​CD TV. I have been dressing since I was 11 or 12. I just became addicted to BBC this past year.

Paris :how your story started with big black cocks, tell us about your first BBC ?
Molly: I dont know how it started. I guess I got out of a relationship I was in with a woman and i decided i wanted to give it a try. I got a motel room one night and dressed up like a  slutty gurl and put a craigslist add up looking for bbc. i had one over and i gave him head and he came on my face. That was the first time I had ever came myself without any contact just feeling his hot load hit my face. i was soo hooked

Paris : how BBc changed your life?

Molly: gives my life some purpose. i love the feeling i get when i get a bbc hard . i love feeling his hard cock in my mouth. i guess the attention and affection i get from that is really what its about.

Paris : are Blackmen sexually superior then white bois?

Molly: OMG yes. There much more man. i love their big thick cocks and muscular bodies. The overall attitude is just much more aggressive and masculine. i don't concider white bois as "men"

Paris: how you meet and seduce Black men? what do they like? what advices you can give to bbc sluts wannabes?

Molly: I post pics of my self dressed up like a hot slut on Craigslist and seek out only BBC. I wait for their responses and pick the nice hot hung ones. They all are into different things but all are into hoy girly and sissy iam for them. Some like my big fake tits, some my legs and heels , some my pink girly lips and mouth and some everything.  Advice Id give wannabe BBC sluts is to just get it over with and do it. You will be hooked, everyones first they say they are addicted afterwards.

Paris : as you know more and more white girls, and even bois are going Black, why? 
Molly: For myself its a combo of things I think. I guess I just love to be admired and crave attention. Im a sissy and the only thing I can do to get approval is to be a good slut. BBC are so big and masculine I think it just adds to it all for me. Being a CD TV and getting some big masculine black guy hard is such a badge of honor and accomplishment. Their creamy load is my reward.
Paris : what is your craziest fantasy?

Molly: Going into the hood late at night dressed in a short skirt ,heels and a tight top and walking around till i found a group of 5 or 6 bbc willing to all feed me.

Paris: you kind of exhibitionist, you like to show the slut in you to the world, what kind of pleasure it provide you? 

Molly: i wanna show how much a girly sissy i can be for bbc. i wanna know im getting others hard and getting off to my expierences I want to inspire other sluts to do the same.

Paris : what can any white boi/tv do to serve the Superior Black race
Molly: Dress as girly and slutty as possible. Go alll out ...act the part too. talk walk and act like a girly sissy. tell him how you feel and how much you crave that bbc. Go get that BBC they need it like we do!

Paris: what is the advice you give to all women/bois that never tried a BBC
just do it. once you go black you wont go back they say lol. its true...I came so hard from feeling my first BBC cock cum on me . Im addicted to it now. I love how big they are and how good they taste. you wont regret it. i love  their attitudes and demeanor. get girly put and add up and get that bbc off like you know want to deep down. Speaking of which im going to do that now. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Interracial Amateur Video : This Video will make you cum in a sec!!

Bitches suuuuupp! Queen is back with a hot new content 100% real amateur, 100% Big black Cocks stories and shit! to start well the week, lets check this very very hot amateur video from a italian couple living in rome, the hubby is filming his very hot blonde wife playing naughty tongue games with a very hot African stud..there is no penetration, no BBC streaching her white pussy, but i swear you will cum just watching his sweaty body and big lips invading wify intimacy..check this out!